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ThinSlim Foods Zero Net Carb Bread Plain | Keto Bread | Low Carb Bread


I tricked my boyfriend into thinking this was traditional bread. He didn't know.
Date Added: 08/20/2021 by Erin B.
I've tried other brands and even tried baking myself. This by far is the easiest & best way to...
Date Added: 07/27/2021 by John A.
Great low carb bread!!
Date Added: 07/20/2021 by Kaitlyn L.
Bread is good! Their biscuit not soo much but definitely go for these and the hot dog buns.
Date Added: 07/08/2021 by Natalie K.
I personally found the bread very chewy. Other than that the taste was good. Once again, wish the pa
Date Added: 05/17/2021 by Guylene M.
I am soooo very happy with the bread! I have been dying for a sandwich. Bacon, egg and cheese on thi
Date Added: 05/08/2021 by Donald S.
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