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1.) If you have already placed an order, respond to the order confirmation email since this email already has lots of reference info in it. Just need to check on an order status? Try here: Order Status

2.) If you have not placed an order and have a general question, please review the Frequently Asked Questions section below as this usually answers nearly all quetions.

2.) Use the Contact Us form below. Make sure to enter a valid email address. If you don't hear back within a day (excluding weekends), please assume your email address entered was incorrect or our response was routed to your SPAM folder.

3.) Contact customer service at 866-213-1250 9-4 EST weekdays. Please note a customer service rep is not always immediately available since our staff is normally busy packing orders and the majority of our customers prefer electronic communication.

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Product Questions

Ingredients, nutritional information, kosher information, storage, etc. for each product can be found on each individual product page.

Gluten Free: All sweets (brownies, muffins, squares, cookies, cloud cakes) and zero carb gluten free rolls have gluten free ingredients and are made in a dedicated gluten free facility.

Kosher: The pasta is K-of-K Kosher. All other products are not kosher, but we are working towards certification soon.

Product Storage: Click here: Product Storage

Physical Store and Where to Buy

Gift Codes and Newsletter

We usually offer select gift codes only to our newsletter subscribers.

In order to sign up for the newsletter:
1) click the button in the header or footer related to newsletter sign up

2) Enter your name and email in the sign up form and click the submit button

3) Looks for the welcome email with the subject line ThinSlim Foods: Welcome & Thanks!

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If you are a retailer that is interested in wholesale information, please reach out to us via the contact form below.

Locations We Ship To

Shipping Costs

Shipping Date

Normally, your order will ship the business day after the order is placed.

If we are missing an item, but that item will arrive in time for your order to ship the same week, we will hold the order till the product arrives.

If we are missing an item, but that item won't arrive in time for your order to ship the same week, we will contact you with more information and options.

If the shipping time is such that it won't arrive by Saturday we will hold the order to ship on the next Monday.

Shipping Transit Time

Orders shipped via USPS will arrive within 1-3 business days depending on location. Orders to NJ generally take 1 day, orders from the middle to East Coast of the US take 2 days, and orders to the West Coast take 2-3 days.

Orders shipped via USPS Flat Rate have the same expected transit time as regular USPS orders.

Orders shipped via Fedex will arrive close to the transit times provided in the below Fedex section.

Transit time is an estimate, and not a guarantee.

Transit time is based on the shipping date, not the order date.

One example of transit time is an order with an expected 2 day transit time placed on Monday. This order will most likely ship on Tuesday and is expected to arrive on Thursday.

Orders shipped via Fedex will arrive close to the schedule for the below Fedex map.

Fedex Shipping

FedEx Home Delivery business days are Tuesday through Saturday (excluding holidays).

Example: A package shipped via FedEx Ground on Monday with a transit schedule of 2 business days, would be expected for delivery on Wednesday. A package shipped on Friday with a 2-day transit schedule would be expected for delivery the following Tuesday.

USPS? Fedex? I can't Decide!

If you are within the 1-2 day Fedex zone, we recommend choosing Fedex during checkout even if slightly more expensive. Fedex is always more reliable and provides better tracking information.

If you are outside of the 2 day Fedex zone then we recommend USPS if you want it the fastest and Fedex if you want it the cheapest.

Returns or Damaged Product

We accept returns on any unopened, non-perishable products. You will responsible for covering the shipping costs to send the product back to us. Please contact us if you need to do this.

We can not accept returns on items based on taste. If you have never tried something, please do not purchase 50 of that item assuming it will be good. Everyone has different tastes which is why we have such a large selection. Start with one or two and see whether you enjoy it.

When shipping perishable products problems sometimes occur with the condition of the product. If you are not satisfied with your order please contact us in regards to returns or product damaged during shipping. We will be more than willing to assist you in reconciling the situation.

Incorrect Delivery Address

If an incorrect delivery address is entered at checkout, the customer is responsible for any rerouting charges or damaged product that results.

Logging In / Accounts FAQ

"I can't remember my password. Can you send it to me?" -- For security reasons we can not see your password either. Try using the "Forgot your password?" link on the Login page to be sent a new password. If you still can't login, or if you put in your email correctly and get this error "Error: The Email Address was not found in our records; please try again." see the next question.

"I'm pretty sure I setup an account yet the system doesn't recognize me, what do I do? Or you received the error message "Error: The Email Address was not found in our records; please try again."" -- It is possible the last time you placed an order you did so using the "Create an Order Without an Account" link. Therefore no account was ever created so the website does not recognize your email. The best way to login is to use the password forgotten link, and then use the password sent to your email.

Placing Orders FAQ

Existing Orders FAQ

What is my order #? Is there a way to see my order online? --
If you login to the site you can see all the details about your past orders on the My Account page.

My order shipped, can you tell me where it is or what the tracking information is? --

When your order shipped, you should have received an email containing the tracking information and a link to the carrier. If you have lost this email follow these directions:
1. Login to your account, navigate to the My Account screen, and click on the order in question - you will notice one of the most recent comments for the order will included the USPS tracking number.
2. Copy the tracking number, navigate to or and enter the tracking number in the "Track a Package" section of the site. This will give you the most up to date information we have available.

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