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ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Pizza Crust


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Calories: 90
SmartDiet Count: 2
Net Carbs*: 0
  • Kathy K. July 16, 2022
    Great product. I cut our crust down to the same size as our air fryers wire rack was and it was perfect. 400 degrees for about 10/12 minutes in ours but all of them are different. The four pieces I had cut off, I also baked and we dipped in a side of pizza sauce.
  • Debbie S. June 06, 2022
    I tried this for the first time this evening. Very tasty. Good texture. I was very pleased with the calorie and carb count. I was very full after three slices. Very good experience. I will definitely be buying this product again. I see that they sell it at one of my local super markets. Good deal!!
  • JEFF H. May 24, 2022
    The pizza crust is very fresh and soft. Tastes great and is awesome for more than just pizza. We use it to make gyros and for a hearty bun to hold brats. My only criticism is that when making a pizza, the bottom does not get crispy. I may try to brush on a bit of olive oil and let it bake a bit before putting toppings on. That may be what it needs to go from awesome to mind blowing.
  • Gina P. March 28, 2022
    Absolutely delicious!! I bake it on a pizza pan. It’s crispy and guilt free. Just bought more!
  • RikiLynn B. March 22, 2022
    Just tried these today, and oh my gosh, these are fantastic! Perfect size, perfect consistency and the taste is amazing too! We enjoyed making our own pizzas and the best part… It was KETO pizza! With the amazing shelf life, these are definitely a new addition to our pantry! We’re going to make a seasoned garlic butter and make garlic cheese breadsticks with this crust too! Thank you!
  • Erica L. February 20, 2022
    There isn't instructions on how to cook this so I listened to a review and I am so glad I did. I put some olive oil on both sides, added some truffle salt and dried garlic, baked it on 450 for about 7 minutes, then added my toppings. I put some fresh mozzarella cheese and peperoni and it was so good! I will purchase more.
  • Deb K. December 30, 2021
    OMG the best pizza crust out there!!
  • Nancy A. December 20, 2021
    Great pizza dough. Other than varying in size from 6” to 10” this is a great product, easy to bake - we fill it with sauce, shredded cheese, olives, crispy hard salami, pineapple chunks and a topping of Parmesan, then bake for 22 minutes at 425° Yum!
  • Clay S. December 11, 2021
    PERFECTION!!! It’s so nice to have your favorite foods while dieting, and this crust totally facilitates that. Tastes more like pizza crust than any other brands I’ve tried. The crust is also big enough for me to get two servings out of one crust, and I’m 6’3”, 300+ lbs.
  • Cindy K. December 09, 2021
    This is by far the best zero carb thin crust I have had. I order them in bulk and store in the freezer! Don't expect take out thin crust pizza, but if you have ever tried any low-no carb pizza crust before the taste and texture is horrible. This is pretty darned good and I can eat the entire pizza guilt free!
Ingred., Storage, and More ...
Ingredients: wheat protein isolate, vital wheat gluten, oat fiber, modified wheat starch, olive oil, chicory root, yeast, salt, enzyme.
Allergens: Contains wheat. Baked in a facility that uses wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts.
Storage: Use / freeze by package date. Once opened, refrigerate 2 weeks or freeze.
Kosher: KM Kosher
Nutritional Lab Testing: The nutritional information for this product has been independently lab tested
Net Carbs: Net Carbs calculated as Total Carbs - Fiber - Sugar Alcohol (if applicable)
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Product Description
Now in Brick Oven Style!

The ThinSlim Foods chefs have been hard at work perfecting your favorite low carb pizza crust into a truly authentic brick oven style.

Now one side becomes toasted brown from our brick ovens to improve the taste and texture.

Due to this pizza crust being a hand crafted style, it will have variations in shape and diameter. Each crust is the same product weight since the dough balls are weighed prior to being rolled.

Let your creativity shine!

ThinSlim Foods Love-The-Taste Low Carb Pizza Crust uses the same immensely popular dough as the bread and bagels to allow you to make delicious low carb pizza from home.

Cooking Instructions: Bake at 350 degrees until heated to your desired temperature.

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