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Low Carb - Low Cal

Great Taste Guarantee

Lab Tested and Approved

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No Blood Sugar Spike Guarantee

ThinSlim Foods Brownie


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Overall Rating
  • Philip P. July 24, 2021
    Good chocolatey flavor and helps when you have a chocolate craving. Good size for 45 calories, as well.
  • Kristi M. July 21, 2021
    Really moist and had a great chocolate taste. Will order more
  • Ariel D. May 25, 2021
    Good texture. Tastes like chocolate. Slight chemical after taste but if you're on keto this is a good way to curb the sweet tooth.
  • Donald S. May 08, 2021
    Flavorful brownie. A good alternative but the texture a little off.
  • Kera C. May 01, 2021
    I like the texture! It's gooey like you would expect from a brownie but not a wet gooey. Kinda light on the sweetness but definitely has that cocoa flavor. Happy I found these and definitely happy with the calorie count.
  • Ryan S. March 27, 2021
    Flavor was as close to brownie as you’d expect on keto. The texture was dense without being dry. For the net carb count you can’t be the portion size. I would buy this stuff in pan-portion. The -1 star was only for slight stomach issues although that wouldn’t prevent me from buying these again.
  • Linda R. March 08, 2021
    These brownies are delicious and moist. I’ll be ordering a lot more of these. Low cal and only 2 carbs. ThinSlim you’ve won a new customer. Thank you.
  • joan April 23, 2012
    had a nice chocolate taste,very nice size for 45 calories,nice texture even though the sweetner gives me gas I will order again. A great product.
Ingred., Storage, and More ...
Ingredients: Purified water, oat fiber, erythritol, egg whites, inulin, almond meal, modified corn starch, cocoa (processed with alkali), olive oil, xanthan gum, guar gum, leavening (monocalcium phosphate, baking soda), natural flavors.
Allergens: Contains almonds and eggs. Baked in a dedicated gluten free facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy.
Storage: Refrigerate 2-3 days, freeze 6 months.
Kosher: Certified OK Kosher.
Nutritional Lab Testing: The nutritional information for this product has been independently lab tested
Net Carbs: Net Carbs calculated as Total Carbs - Fiber - Sugar Alcohol (if applicable)
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Product Description
Out of stock. Try the 12pack version: 12pack Brownies

Give in to your chocolate cravings!

ThinSlim Foods Brownies are a revolutionary!

So much fiber, so little calories and carbs - eat them any time of day.

When new bakeries attempt to create a sweet baked good for healthy lifestyle customers, the first one they try is brownies because brownies are classic.

What these bakeries discover is that it is insanely difficult to make a good 'healthier' brownie.

If you remove the sugar, the bitterness of the cocoa is too strong.

If you reduce the cocoa, the flavor profile is too weak.

And we haven't even touched on the nutritionals yet.

Ever notice that there are either low carb/ high fat brownies or low fat / high carb brownies?

That is because it takes a near magician to craft a brownie that is low in carbs AND low in fat.

And that is why the ThinSlim Foods Brownies stand by themselves with their 45 calories and 2g of net carbs.

We think they are great and think you will too.


Are you ready to make your healthy lifestyle easier?
For over 5 years, our loyal ThinSlim Foods tribe of tens of thousands has come to rely on us for unmatched lab verified nutritionals, premium ingredients, and a direct connection that is normally absent when purchasing from a supermarket. We hope you will as well.

Maximize Every Calorie and Carb!
All our products have the lowest carbs and calories in their category. Others may make such claims, but when compared to ThinSlim Foods they aren't even close.

Don't waste another calorie on high fat alternatives, or high protein brownies that are just regular junky brownies with a splash of protein.

Instead, use these lowest calorie brownies to satisfy your sweet tooth and only add extra fat, protein, or toppings if you want them.

Only the Best Ingredients!
All our products use only the highest quality of ingredients: olive oil (instead of soybean or canola oil), erythritol and stevia (instead of Splenda or maltitol), oat fiber and almond flour (instead of wheat flour or soy flour), and more.

We realize it can be a little scary to purchase from a company you haven't tried before. That is why we created the 50% Off Sample Pack that is backed by a Taste Guarantee.

That means you get to test run something that could make your life remarkably more enjoyable totally risk free!

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