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ThinSlim Foods Cookie Caramel


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Calories: 40
Net Carbs*: 2
4.4545 of 5 Stars!
  • Star Rating
    Alison November 12, 2020
    These are very tasty. I especially like the chocolate glazed. However, I must agree, they are expensive for one cookie. Hope they will come out with additional flavors and start packaging 2 together and lower the price.
  • Star Rating
    Danielle November 12, 2020
    I wont be buying these again unless there is an improvement made. Taste is fine - texture of icing is like a taffy that doesnt break down eaily while chewing. Id prefer to see a higher calorie content (50-60) and a more satisfying product. These cookies are way too small/flat/luke warm in flavor to be worth 2.25 a piece. Especially when there are the simply scrumptious low carb brownies and cpcakes available (that have much better texture, flavor and are more satisfying). Dissapointed and annoyed at having spent the money...they look good in the photo.
  • Star Rating
    Alison November 12, 2020
    These have been changed to be so much bigger and much softer. They are fabulous! I ate 4 today!!!
  • Star Rating
    Stephanie November 12, 2020
    I was blown away by how good these were! I ordered a few (along with my regular ThinSlim squares), about 3 days ago, received them yesterday and WOW.. So good! Now Im back to order more! Ive only tried the Chocolate ones so far. They taste very similar to the Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies... except not as sweet... but still good :) Try em out!
  • Star Rating
    Judy November 12, 2020
    LOVE these!!!! Great texture and taste. A+++++
  • Star Rating
    Christina November 12, 2020
    I tried the original (vanilla) and the cinnamon. I found them to be pretty bland, though they are pretty big, the lack of taste made them unsatisfying. Maybe the ones with glazes are better, but I do not think I will be ordering these again. The ThinSlim squares are sooooo much better and much more satisfying in my opinion. These just didnt do it for me.
  • Star Rating
    Julie November 12, 2020
    I love these cookies although I think theyre more cakey than cookie. Theyre also pretty big for the amount of calories they contain. Coconut is my favorite flavor and I usually put some jam or peanut butter on it. The texture as mentioned previously is almost like a soft cake like cookie but theyre really good. I would love it if they had more flavors to choose from. Im not a big fan of their cinnamon flavor but the coconut and vanilla are awesome.
  • Star Rating
    Elizabeth November 12, 2020
    These are my ALL-TIME FAVORITE! I order these at least once a week, sometimes twice, for myself and my family. Calorie to Carb to Size Value its Perfect! Plus they taste awesome...more cakey than cookie, so its like a double treat
  • Star Rating
    sara November 12, 2020
    this cookie was ok. the icing is good, the texture of the cookie is shortbread like, decent size...but i wouldnt buy it because the price is a lot for a mediocre cookie. its worth it if youre hardcore dieting bc the nutrition is pretty tight, but it wasnt the best taste experience & they fall apart easy so be careful not to handle them at a cold temp if the icing is stuck to the container. only my opinion, i would buy them again if they threw a chocolate chip flavor or pb icing or pb chip flavor.
  • Star Rating
    Latisha November 12, 2020
    i thought these cookies were fairly good! a little dry but i dipped mine in milk. i got an original and a chocolate glazed... original is winner over the two so far. my only issue is the price for just one cookie.
Ingredients, Storage, and More ...
Ingredients: oat fiber, erythritol, egg whites, inulin, almond meal, modified corn starch, purified water, olive oil, xanthan gum, guar gum, leavening (monocalcium phosphate, baking soda), natural flavors.
Allergens: Contains almonds and eggs. Baked in a dedicated gluten free facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy.
Storage: Refrigerate 2-3 days, freeze 6 months.
Kosher: Certified OK Kosher. Symbol may not appear on all product labels due to excess pre-certification label inventory.
Nutritional Lab Testing: The nutritional information for this product has been independently lab tested
Net Carbs: Net Carbs calculated as Total Carbs - Fiber - Sugar Alcohol (if applicable)
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Product Description
ThinSlim Foods Caramel Cookies have a cakey caramel base with no glaze. The caramel flavor is light so as not to be overpowering.


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