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ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Hamburger Buns


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Calories: 90
Net Carbs*: 0
5.0000 of 5 Stars!
Overall Rating Star Rating
  • Star Rating
    Mary November 12, 2020
    Great surprise. I can eat burgers again! I have told others about these because I like them so much.
  • Star Rating
    Mary November 12, 2020
    I was pleasantly surprised how good this was. I was able to enjoy a good hamburger again since I’ve been eating low carb. I will defiantly order again.
  • Star Rating
    Deborah November 12, 2020
    I LOVE these buns. Since being on low carb for almost 3 months, I was craving a hamburger on a bun. I had one last night and felt like I was in heaven! Finally a bun that will assist me in staying on the diet. Now Im trying other Thin Slim products!
  • Star Rating
    Marina November 12, 2020
    Perfect for French dip, burgers, you name it! Nice substantial texture that is a little like ciabatta bread. Will order this again and again!
  • Star Rating
    Mary November 12, 2020
    Pretty good for low carb bread, firm but soft, chewy and moist, great grilled for hamburgers, thankful for this product.
  • Star Rating
    Marcene November 12, 2020
    I love these. If you like soft hamburger buns, I think you will like them. I take them with me when I am traveling. Then when I go through a drive-thru of a fast food chain, I order a burger or grilled chicken sandwich minus the bun.
  • Star Rating
    Jack November 12, 2020
    I am extremely pleased with this product. Taste is great and it is low carb. I am diabetic and this product does not spike my blood sugar. I love burgers and these buns microwave very well.
  • Star Rating
    NORMAN November 12, 2020
    they taste good but they look more like a roll than a hamburger bun. too thick and too small. they need to make the diameter bigger and get rid of the extreme thickness. i want a bun that will fit a quarter pounder or half pounder patty.. all this one would hold would be a slider size or 2 oz
  • Star Rating
    ANDREA November 12, 2020
    Dont love these. I lightly heated them up. They have a smell to them I didnt like. I dont like the taste or texture of them. Will not buy again.
Ingredients, Storage, and More ...
Ingredients: wheat protein isolate, vital wheat gluten, oat fiber, modified wheat starch, flax seed meal, olive oil, chicory root, yeast, salt, apple cider vinegar.
Allergens: Contains wheat. Baked in a facility that uses wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy.
Storage: Use / freeze by package date. Once opened, refrigerate 2 weeks or freeze.
Kosher: Kosher Miami
Nutritional Lab Testing: The nutritional information for this product has been independently lab tested
Net Carbs: Net Carbs calculated as Total Carbs - Fiber - Sugar Alcohol (if applicable)
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Product Description

Sick of bun-less burgers? Add these hamburger buns and enjoy your cookout again!

Made from the same, Love-the-Taste dough, these buns are very versatile.

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