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BeyondBread Low Carb Bread Original


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Calories: 50
SmartDiet Count: 1
Net Carbs*: 2
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Ingred., Storage, and More ...
Ingredients: water, wheat flour, wheat protein isolate, wheat gluten, pea protein, oat fiber, sunflower or olive oil, yeast, salt, guar gum.
Allergens: Contains wheat. Baked in a facility that uses wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts.
Storage: Use / freeze by package date. Once opened, refrigerate 2 weeks or freeze.
Kosher: KM Kosher
Nutritional Lab Testing: The nutritional information for this product has been independently lab tested.
Net Carbs: Net Carbs calculated as Total Carbs - Fiber - Sugar Alcohol (if applicable)
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Product Description

Are you ready for something revolutionary?

BeyondChipz and ThinSlim Foods have teamed up with Bay State Milling to bring you a breakthrough in low-carb bread!

BeyondBread powered by Healthsense is a game-changer. Finally a delicious, all-natural, low-carb, keto-friendly friendly bread that has the taste, texture and wholesome goodness of a true Artisan pan bread.

BeyondBread is powered by a new innovative wheat flour called HealthSense that is naturally high in fiber and low in carbohydrates!

We combined plant-based protein with a healthy mix of Pumpkin, Sunflower and Golden Flax seed to craft a bread that is bursting with flavor and nutrition.

These high-quality ingredients are then lovingly pan-baked and packaged using ThinSlim’s proprietary method so that it stays fresh with ZERO chemical preservatives! Amazing.

BeyondBread is…Real. Healthy. Bread.

Ok, But What Actually Makes it Revolutionary?

Years before the Keto Diet became the hot diet of the moment, ThinSlim Foods developed our Zero Net Carb Bread meant for diabetics and low carb dieters.

Ever since then, every time a new bakery develops a low carb bread (after trying to copy our Zero Net Carb recipe) they claim it is the new "bee's knees", but turns out to just be a poor copy with lesser ingredients, higher carbs, junky preservatives, etc.

So what makes BeyondBread actually revolutionary?

It's the wheat that is used to make the HealthSense flour.

The maker of HealthSense flour, Bay State Milling, has been milling flour for over 125 years. Over the last decade they have been on a mission to help Americans eat better by quietly sponsoring farmers to grow a strain of wheat that was specifically chosen because it is far higher in fiber.

Now they are ready to make that flour available for use in baking.

As a result of HealthSense flour, we are able to craft a bread using a flour that acts very similar to traditional wheat flour, yet has significantly more fiber.

By doing so, we can significantly reduce and in some instances entirely remove some of the more 'unique' flours that are needed to craft a low carb bread.

So the resulting bread tastes better, has better mouthfeel, and still retains its extremely low carb nutritional profile.

Then, layer some seeds into the dough and on top and you've got a delicious loaf of bread worthy of ThinSlim Foods and BeyondBread.

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