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ThinSlim Foods Muffins Blueberry


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Calories: 40
Net Carbs*: 2
4.9123 of 5 Stars!
  • Star Rating
    STEPHANIE November 12, 2020
    Finally, I found a low carb muffin that is delicious. I bought cinnamon and it is amazing. Flavorful and moist. I forgot I was eating low carb, its that good! Most I have tried taste like wet cardboard in different shapes. You wont be unhappy with this little jewel.
  • Star Rating
    Latisha November 12, 2020
    I love these little muffins, specially when u heat them for a few seconds in the microwave. I just wish they didnt stop selling them in the 4 packs because now you have to spend more money :(
  • Star Rating
    Valerie November 12, 2020
    I truly enjoy the ThinSlim muffins. I have tried both vanilla and blueberry. I prefer the vanilla, but the blueberry were good as well. I recently got my sister in law hooked on them as well.
  • Star Rating
    Cathy November 12, 2020
    These are delicious! They are moist and flavorful.
  • Star Rating
    Kathleen November 12, 2020
    Fantastic! Moist, with just the right amount of crumble. Theyre thick, but not chewy or to fudgey. The ideal pastry. I honestly did not expect these to have so much flavor, but they taste really decadent. I will definitely be ordering more!
  • Star Rating
    Lubna November 12, 2020
    These are absolutely delicious muffins - soft, moist, and sweet, without any discernible aftertastes. I purchased the blueberry flavor, and although I only saw one blueberry in the entire tiny muffin, the flavor was spot on. My only gripe with these is the price - 7 to 8 bucks for four tiny (albeit somewhat filling) muffins? I dont think I could justify that purchase over the long run, so I will unfortunately have to treat them as occasional treats. I will take another reviewers suggestions and seek out the sugar free vita muffins in store.
  • Star Rating
    Dane November 12, 2020
    These muffins are tiny, but very dense, moist and satisfying. The chocolate flavor is probably my favorite, it tastes like a fudge brownie and if I hadnt read the ingredients I would have never guessed they were made without butter and sugar. The only reason Im giving these 3 stars instead of 5 is because I think they are way overpriced for what you get (even on sale), especially when you add the cost of shipping (in comparison, a four-pack box of sugar-free VitaMuffins is about $3 - $4 at my local Target, they are the same weight and just delicious and healthy). Other than that, these are perfect.
  • Star Rating
    Shannon November 12, 2020
    One of my favorite things to have for breakfast with my coffee. They actually seem to melt in your mouth. So glad I found these!!!
  • Star Rating
    Latisha November 12, 2020
    I have been ordering these for a lil while now. I absolutely love them! specially since they actually have protein! my favorite is the blueberry, but the banana flavor is sooo good as well!!!!! Wish they didnt cost as much as they do, but they are soo yummmy! i love to warm them up too! makes the flavor pop!!
  • Star Rating
    Angela November 12, 2020
    Makes me feel vaguely guilty for some reason. I kept re-reading the nutrition information. These are truly unbelievable and probably the best low-carb sweet Ive had since starting this diet 5 weeks ago and trying different things. I dont know how they do it...dont want to know. If I have things like these, I could do this diet thing for a long time!! Please never stop making them.
Ingredients, Storage, and More ...
Ingredients: oat fiber, erythritol, egg whites, inulin, almond meal, modified corn starch, purified water, olive oil, xanthan gum, guar gum, leavening (monocalcium phosphate, baking soda), natural flavors, blueberry skins..
Allergens: Contains almonds and eggs. Baked in a dedicated gluten free facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy.
Storage: Refrigerate 2-3 days, freeze 6 months.
Kosher: Certified OK Kosher. Symbol may not appear on all product labels due to excess pre-certification label inventory.
Nutritional Lab Testing: The nutritional information for this product has been independently lab tested
Net Carbs: Net Carbs calculated as Total Carbs - Fiber - Sugar Alcohol (if applicable)
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Product Description

Our most popular flavor muffins!

ThinSlim Foods Blueberry Muffins have a light blueberry taste. There are no actual blueberries in the muffins due to the extra carbs those would add, but instead there are blueberry skins.

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