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ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Pizza Crust, 8oz


This is the BEST EVER pizza crust. The crust stayed crunchy, no sogginess! Plus it didn’t taste...
Date Added: 11/02/2022 by Lynn R.
I froze this as soon as I got it home then used it about a month later. The texture was very tough a
Date Added: 10/17/2022 by Sherrie W.
Delicious pizza crust. Definitely recommend and totally worth the money. I got a free one to test an
Date Added: 09/22/2022 by Amanda D.
Outstanding low carb pizza crust, best on the market, tastes great! I put it in the oven on a cookie
Date Added: 09/01/2022 by Jennifer H.
Great product. I cut our crust down to the same size as our air fryers wire rack was and it was perf
Date Added: 07/16/2022 by Kathy K.
I tried this for the first time this evening. Very tasty. Good texture. I was very pleased with the
Date Added: 06/06/2022 by Debbie S.
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