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ThinSlim Foods Zero Net Carb Pizza Crust - Free, Just Pay Shipping!
Zero Net Carb, Low Calorie, and Zero Risk!
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Zero net Carbs
14g of Protein
Taste Satisfaction Guarantee
Traditional Ingredients - Not a cauliflower crust or cheese /chicken mash
Shelf Stable Till Opened Without Preservatives
Great for Pizza, Flatbread, and More!
100,000 products shipped last month!
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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
beaker Lab Verified Nutrition
heart Healthier Alternative
calorie Low Calorie
carb Low Net Carb
seal Taste Guarantee

If you're like me, you're on a journey to a better you.

You need the right tools like better food options - that's why I started ThinSlim Foods.

Healthier food options inspire you to stay on track by not wasting a calorie or carb.

They help you build your ideal body by taking control of your macro nutrients (calories, carbs, fiber, protein).

And they increase success by providing greater food enjoyment, staving off boredom, and reducing cravings.

Better options build a Better You.

ThinSlim Foods has tons of better food options and is now your secret weapon - especially our pizza crust.

Let's find out what makes it so special:

First - Why Pizza Crust?

Bread and pizza were probably the first foods to go when you started your journey to a better you.

No more toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, buns with hamburgers for dinner, or .... pizza!

That's why bread was the first product we set out to re-design and it was quickly followed by pizza crust.

That was over 5 years ago when we were still just a very small food company, 'keto' and 'low carb' wasn't a known thing outside the hardcore fitness circles, and options for low carb and low calorie foods were slim to none.

Even so, we knew that we wanted it, and eventually others like us, and like you, on a journey to a 'Better You' would want it too.

Zero Net Carb?

It's a little extreme, I know. We didn't initially try for a zero net carb pizza crust because it didn't seem possible.

We just knew that our goal was to get the net carbs as low as possible AND keep the calories as low as possible as well by not overloading the dough with fat to add flavor.

We also knew we didn't want to go through route of using 'odd' ingredients like cauliflower, cheese, or chicken (no really, that is what most low carb pizza crusts are made from).

In the end, we settled on what is now the ThinSlim Foods Zero Net Carb Pizza Crust - and it is our most popular product.

Each serving has 7g of total carbohydrates and 7g of fiber. As a result, each serving has 0g of net carbs and doesn't cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

The Nutrition Facts

What's In It?

The ingredient list is "short and not sweet"!

Non GMO Ingredients: Wheat Protein Isolate, vital wheat gluten, oat fiber, modified wheat starch, olive oil, chicory root, yeast, salt, enzyme.

Why Do You Say "short and not sweet"?

After the ThinSlim Foods Zero Net Carb Bread and Pizza Crust became popular, and the interest in low carb foods grew, other bakeries decided low carb breads were popular enough that they too wanted to make one.

That is great for everyone because it provides more food options, but unfortuantely these other options are nearly always stuffed with ingredients that we always chose to shy away from.

Here are a couple examples:

Water, resistant tapioca starch, wheat gluten, wheat protein isolate, inulin, yeast, oat fiber, Allulose, soybean oil, guar gum, salt, potassium chloride, vinegar, datem, calcium propionate (a preservative), cellulose gum, ascorbic acid, maltodextrin, sorbic acid (a preservative), carrageenan, dextrose, soybean oil (hydrogenated), artificial flavor, lactic acid, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), folic acid.

Water, vital wheat gluten, soy flour, crude wheat bran, unbleached whole wheat flour, sesame seeds, flax seeds, oat bran, rye flakes, salt, millet, nutritional yeast, soybean oil, yeast, flax seed oil, cultured wheat, natural grain vinegar, enzyme, stevia.

Water, Wheat Gluten, Modified Wheat Starch, Olive Pomace Oil, Wheat Protein Isolate, Arrowroot Flour, Defatted Soy Flour, Yeast, Erythritol, Inulin, Sunflower Kernels, Oat Fiber, Organic Flax Seed Meal, Salt, Distilled Monoglycerides, Preservatives (Calcium Propionate, Sorbic Acid), Xanthan Gum, Wheat Flour, Enzymes, Stevia Leaf Extract.

So What's Not In Our Zero Net Carb Pizza Crust?

No cauliflower - because we'd rather eat dough and it isn't low carb.
No cheese or chicken mash - because we'd rather eat dough.
No soy flour - because many of you (especially women) want to avoid soy, especially in a food you plan on eating daily.
No tapioca flour/starch - because in our experience (and in reviews for products that use it), tapioca flour/starch often impacts blood sugar levels (we always recommend you test for yourself).
No heavy preservatives - we don't use the kind of preservatives that keep breads from spoiling for 10 days on a supermarket shelf (and often impart an odd taste). Instead we use a special packaging that doesn't require such heavy preservatives.
No coconut flour or almond flour - because they result in a very dense and moist crust that steams when baked and some have an allergy to nuts.
No sweeteners - because it shouldn't need sweetener to mask a bad taste.
Only olive oil - we don't use any oil other than olive oil because we feel olive oil is the highest quality oil to use.
No flaxseed meal - because we feel it imparts a taste profile we do not prefer.

Sounds Great. What About Taste?

Ultimately, we are talking about Zero Net Carb Pizza Crust. As with all 'Better for You' foods, there is some tradeoff between nutrition and taste. We won't claim ours tastes like high carb crust because that is impossible.

That said, we do think ours is pretty great (as do the 100's of thousands of our customers) and we are so confident you will enjoy our pizza crust it comes with a taste guarantee.

If you don't enjoy it, we'll give you your money back.

How Do I Get It?

Ok, so here is the cool part.

Having a Zero Net Carb Pizza Crust available to the world is great, but not if you can't get your hands on some to see if it can help on your journey to a Better You.

So we have decided to help with that.

For the first time EVER, you can grab a pack for FREE! You just have to cover the shipping cost to get it to you.

Seems like a pretty awesome deal if we say so ourselves.

Why Would You Do That?

Yes, this is going to cost us A LOT of money.

As you have heard and read lately, ingredient and packaging costs are on the rise. This is a terrible time to be giving away product for free.

That said, we want to help as many people as possible.

And of course, we hope you will enjoy the pizza crust enough to come back and try some of our other excellent food re-inventions.

We didn't grow to shipping over 100,000 products a month to healthy lifestylers around the country by trying to make a quick buck and convincing them to buy soemthing they would hate.

We are interested in a long term relationship with our fans and are hoping this will be your first step in that process.

ThinSlim Foods Zero Net Carb Pizza Crust - Free + Shipping!
Zero Net Carb, Low Calorie, and Zero Risk!
Normal Pizza Crust Price: $7.99
Discounted price: $0.01 with gift code 'freecrust' - just pay for shipping
In Stock!
100,000 products shipped last month!
Order while supplies last!
100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
What are People Saying About ThinSlim Foods?
This pizza crust is awesome!
- Pam C.
This pizza crust is the closest thing to real pizza dough we’ve found. We love it and are so happy to be able to have pizza again.
- Peggy H.
I've tried other brands and even tried baking myself. This by far is the easiest & best way to eat carb-free bread.
- John A.
Thank you!!! Omg I can enjoy Pizza again!! This is my favorite item on this website hands down.
- Lisa S.
By far the best keto friendly pizza crust I have found. Cooks up nicely and the flavor is mild so it doesn't distract from all the toppings you can add to it. Tastes similar to normal pizza Crust.
- Travis K.
Money Back
ThinSlim Foods Zero Net Carb Pizza Crust - Free + Shipping!
Zero Net Carb, Low Calorie, and Zero Risk!
Normal Price: $7.99
Discounted price: $0.01 with gift code 'freecrust' - just pay for shipping
In Stock!
100,000 products shipped last month!
Order while supplies last!
100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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