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ThinSlim Foods Pizza


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Calories: 100
Net Carbs: 3
Smart Diet Count: 2
***Out of stock till cooler weather returns.***

ThinSlim Foods Cheese Pizzas are a delicious and incredibly nutritious low calorie snack. We've combined our revolutionary dough with kosher, low fat cheese and sauce to create a pizza that is not only low calorie, but also low carb.

This purchase is for (1) pizza.

The crust used for this pizza is different from the Love-The-Taste Pizza Crust.

***This product is not shipped with dry ice or a styrofoam container. If you live furthur West than MI, IL, TN, or MS, please only order using a 2 day shipping method such as USPS or Fedex 2 Day. If you would like insulation please reach out to us prior to ordering.***

Cooking Instructions: Although the ThinSlim Foods Low Calorie Pizza can be prepared in the microwave, we recommend preparing them in the oven or toaster oven. Cooking pizza in the microwave results in a soft, sometimes mushy dough (although some say if you add a glass full of water it helps.)

Our recommendation is to pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees, place the pizza directly on the center rake or a pizza stone if you have one (Placing the pizza in a pan or try will lead to soggy pizza and a cold center.) Bake for 5-10 minutes or until the temperature you prefer.

- In the interest of saving our customers money, the ThinSlim Foods Pizza is currently shipped with ice packs, but no dry ice.
- This method of shipping is suitable for 2-3 days in transit during the winter months.
- If you are shipping to a location that is 4-5 days from our VA facility(see map below), please be sure to choose only the United States Post Office shipping option at checkout. If you fail to do this, live in CA, and are not happy with the condition of the product upon receipt, we will not be able to assist you.
- Shipped in this manner (ice packs, no dry ice), the product will not arrive cold, but will have been cold during transit.
- If this method is not acceptable to you and you prefer the pizza stay completely cold in transit, please contact us immediately after placing your order to let us know. We will be able to add dry ice for $10. Alternatively, please be sure to join our mailing list so we can alert you when this product is switched to shelf stable vacuum packaging in ~1-2 months.
Ingredients: organic oat fiber, natural wheat protein isolate, chicory roots, organic wheat bran /corn bran, vinegar, fresh yeast, enzymes, sea salt, tomato puree, spices, mozzarella cheese, pasteurized part skim milk, salt, kosher enzymes, powdered cellulose, stevia, lo han.
Storage: Freeze upon receipt.
Kosher: Not certified kosher. Certification expected by early 2018.
Nutritional Lab Testing: This product has not been fully lab tested as it is still in test mode. The nutritionals were created based on lab tests performed on the dough and nutritionals provided for the additional ingredients (cheese, sauce, spices) by the manufacturers of those ingredients.
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